1. I am not a fan of figuring out what to write about myself.

2. Coffee really should be a food group on it's own.

3. I have three amazing kids who inspire me to keep dreaming big dreams.

4. My hope is when you look at my images, you can feel how precious the little moments of our lives really are. Even if the sink is overflowing with dishes and the laundry pile is in the running to become the world highest peak. 

 5. As a child I wanted to be two things Wonder Woman and a mom, still working on the Wonder Woman part. That spin is tricky.

6. I am deeply passionate about the special needs community. I believe that there should not be a "them" and "us" mentality. We are fellow travelers on this earth and have so much to learn from each other. I hope to always encourage others to see past their own version of normal. 


I look forward to working with you

xo Heather